Profile picWelcome to my blog!  My name is Julie Leonardo.  I am a forty something wife and mom to two children and a squishy cat.  My eldest was born with Down Syndrome and eventually regressed into Autism.  We have spent the last six years working towards recovery from Autism, and we are also addressing the issues that come with Trisomy 21.  The one thing that I learned is that the label that one is given does not really matter.  All children regardless of diagnosis can become healthier and happier with the right food and treatments for that child.  I have seen many changes for the better in my daughter, and I hope to share my life with you so that you too can have hope for a brighter and happier future for your children no matter what the label.  This is the purpose of my blog.

Since my daughter’s diagnosis, I have joined the ranks of other parents who have become passionate about helping other families like ours.  In June of 2015, I became certified in Nutritional Therapy and I am also a coauthor of the book Evolution of a Revolution: From Hope to Healing.

evolution of a revolution book cover

When I am not making a ton of food (and my eldest eats like two teenage boys!), I am either reading some sort of self help book, cleaning dishes, wiping down the stove…..AGAIN….or watching America’s Next Top Model (yes, I know it’s turned into a train wreck.  I can’t help myself.)  When I am more disciplined, I can be found lifting at the gym, watching Grace based teaching or wearing a hipscarf and bellydancing while cooking.  A girl’s gotta get her shimmy on!



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