Thank You, Bradley!

This 30 Day Blog Challenge was created by Bradley Will from Learn to Blog.  He wanted to those of us who accepted the challenge to produce our art, to write from the heart.  By writing everyday, we would break through blocks of all kinds, break through our fear, our self imposed limitations.  All of these.  Some of us never even had blogs to begin with, but we started them just for this challenge.  We didn’t have to worry about making our blogs look beautiful or perfect.  We didn’t need pictures or word limits, anything like that.  Just a platform to express our honest, heartfelt messages.  Many people had breakthroughs in different aspects of their lives.  Some had increased views of their blogs.  But more importantly, people began to break through their fear of expressing themselves.  They weren’t afraid to state what they truly felt.  They became their true selves.  As a result, they found this blog challenge to be something that freed them.

So I want to say “Thank you, Bradley!”  This challenge was amazing!  Thank you for opening up our hearts and our voices!  God Bless!


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