How Is Your Mindset?

If you read yesterday’s (or rather a couple of day’s ago) post, you saw that I have not been very motivated.  Honestly, it’s been a slump in all areas of life.  I have been seeing this huge mountain of things that I want to do and plan to do, and it has all just kind of overwhelmed me.  I have been binge watching shows and just kind of retreated into inactivity.  The only plus side is that I actually got a couple of workouts in last week, but I had to modify the last one as nausea got me…..did a little too much.

Then yesterday, I actually listened to the first video in a series by Todd Herman.  He talks about achieving goals in 90 days, how this is the timeframe that allows that motivation to stay alive and move us.  But the first thing he discusses is what I have been having serious issues with, along with some spiritual baggage, and the two have been holding me down.  He says people have either the OW brain or the WOW brain.  It is a mindset when faced with challenges before us.  I am officially an OW brain when it comes to quite a few areas in my life.  It is a mindset of comparison, of looking at how far we have to go to achieve what we want.  It is judgmental and negative, and when we focus on challenges and setbacks this way, it pulls us into inertial.  Boy, when I listened to that video, I knew that this is what has been happening to me.  I need to learn to switch to a WOW mindset.

The WOW mindset looks at how far you have come, you compare backwards.  It takes setbacks and makes them something to learn from and to grow.  The challenge, the journey is a motivation unto itself.  Each forward gain makes you motivated to do more and go further.  It is more forgiving and not so judgmental.  It does not compare with others.

So while each of the mindsets starts off with goals and progress, how one looks at the current state when you get to a certain point will determine whether you move forward and keep progressing or whether or not you move back in despair.  I have been moving back and not appreciating the goals I HAVE made and letting those feed me.  I think this is an area that I have to really pay attention to as it can make or break me in so many areas of my life.

Of course, this is not the only area.  Frankly, I bite off more than I can chew, and I have many areas in life that I need to attend to.  I  want to work on so many things at once (multitasking, another area that this video delves into), but it isn’t a good idea to do so as it will make me spin my wheels.  This and some spiritual baggage that I need to talk to God about, these are the things that must be put into the forefront.  Something has to change so that this blog, my business, my daughter’s healing, and my faith can blossom and thrive.

I encourage you to take a listen.  I mean granted, this is also going to be a plug for a product, but I am finding a lot of worthwhile gems.  Have a listen and see what mindset you’ve been living in!


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