Where Do I Begin?


photo by Shawn Rossi

Before you go to special doctors or do any supplements, I recommend the first thing you do is breathe.  Recovery from any disorder is not going to happen overnight.  There is the occasional outlier who seems to magically become neurotypical or cease all symptoms from one particular treatment or strategy.  But for most of us, this will not be the case.  So the first thing we need to do is ready our minds for the task ahead and to prepare for a journey that may take months, years, or even decades (as will be our case.)  But that’s okay, you just have to bite off today’s chunk.

Photo by Jay from Norway

The second thing, and probably the most important if I were to pick one thing, is to accept and love your child where he or she is at right now.  You need to believe in your child, and you need to set up the right energy from the get-go.  If you are stressed and anxious and putting out this “I’m going to fix him or her, and I must do it now,”  your child can sense that.  Some of the most amazing steps forward in my daughter’s life has been when I was relaxed and enjoying her company.  I was not trying to control the outcome, and was also at a place where I was trying to improve as a human being myself.  I know that this sounds all very “woo woo,” but it really isn’t.  When you are around someone with a negative attitude, it can color your entire day or week.  When you surround yourself with positive and loving people who immerse themselves in peace and healthy self-love and acceptance, you also begin to take on those traits.  It is this way with your child.  So make sure to not only be kind and accepting with your child, but also with yourself.  You both will grow leaps and bounds in your “energy loop” with each other.

Having said all of that, the next step I recommend taking is looking at your child’s diet.  This should happen before you visit even one specialist or alternative physician for many reasons.  First off, all of the supplements in the world will not offset the damage done by a diet full of processed foods and junk.  They just can’t.  Your body is constantly repairing and cleaning itself among many other tasks.  It cannot keep up when you are constantly putting garbage into it.  Imagine you are trying to organize and clean up a hoarder’s house.  You buy organizational tools, baskets, shelves, and files.  You also have tons of cleaning supplies and paint.  But no matter how much you try to clean and organize, with all of that hoard in the way, you won’t make much headway.  It is the same with supplements and food.

The second reason is that by cleaning up your child’s diet, you will be able to see what issues are still a problem.  The amazing thing is, sometimes symptoms go away when you get the nutrition you need.  Food can change biochemistry, it can heal allergies, it can do some amazing things.  For example, a friend of mine’s son who had a TSH value of 7 (that is really hypothyroid, in case you were wondering) had his values change to 4.5 within three months of a gluten, casein, and soy free diet (gfcfsf).  No granted, his thyroid still needed some help, but it was nowhere near as bad as it had been.  Another issue that he always had was constipation.  The doctors prescribed him Miralax to deal with the issue.  Again, after the gfcfsf diet, he was able to go to the bathroom without fail every day.  If he did not change his diet, he would be on more medicines than his body actually needed.  The body wants healthy fats, proteins and carbohydrates in order to make all that it needs to function, things like hormones and neurotransmitters crucial for many physiological processes.  If you don’t have them, you can’t make them and your body does not function as it should.

Photo by Joan Nova

The last thing, and for some, this may be a strong motivator, it is expensive  if you don’t do this first.  Using the example again of my friend, she would have spent more money on pharmaceuticals and doctor’s visits that she didn’t need if she had continued to feed her son as she was.  If you eat a properly prepared, nutrient-dense, whole foods diet, you may end up getting most of what you need from your food.  That way, you may only need a few supplements as opposed to a cabinet full of them.  Another way it is expensive is that if you decide to see an alternative or integrative physician, they will probably have you start with dietary changes.  These doctors are, most of the time, NOT covered by insurance.  They can run from as little as $60 an hour to as much as $500 and beyond for the first consult.  By already implementing a healthy, real foods diet, you are making the most of that first consult by not having them recommend something you could already do on your own.  Why not feed your child well so that you and the physician can take off running right out of the gate!

I will continue this topic again tomorrow as I have so much more to say.  Please stay tuned.  But in the meantime, give your kiddo a great big hug and kiss…..just enjoy them as they are today.  I am excited for you as your journey is about to begin!


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