How Can I Help You?

I woke up this morning with a big blank in my head as to what I was going to talk about.  You see, this blog started off as a 30 Day Blogging Challenge through Learn To Blog.  It was designed to “exercise our writing muscles.”  Today is Day 4, and after three days of how my new journey in life began, I am now sort of struggling with what to do next.

this way, that way
Photo by Lori Greig

I am working towards building a new career path, one that is focused on helping special needs children and their parents to regain health and wellness.  I started with a website called Holding Hands Wellness in order to provide different services to make the transition to special dietary changes a much easier task than when I first changed our eating habits.  I envisioned pantry cleanouts, grocery shopping and consulting for particular challenges that each family was facing.  Things such as “How do I make bone broth?”  “How do I soak and dehydrate nuts and seeds?”  “How do I get my kiddo to eat a vegetable?”  Then there was the idea of making my website an information hub for Down Syndrome, Autism and all kinds of Special Diets and Therapies.  This way, a parent could utilize one resource instead of doing separate searches, saving a lot of time in the process.  I would also eventually like to include an online store, possibly connected to Amazon, to facilitate shopping.

My focus for the blog had originally been to share what I have learned through my certification as well as information from research and other parents who have been in the trenches of special needs parenting.  However, that might not be what YOU need from my blog.  I can sit here all day and formulate grandiose ideas of what I’d like to do, but in the end, this is about you and not me.  So please, tell me in your comments what you’d like to hear from my blog……from me as the parent, as the NTC, or just as one human being to another.

service dog
How Can I Help?

Oh, and also, I’d love to hear your ideas as to what kinds of services, help, or information you’d like to have from somebody who works in nutrition or who has a website pertaining to your child’s need?  What have you NOT found elsewhere that would be beneficial to you and your family?

I am eager to hear what you have to tell me!



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